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One piece of old thinking we need to lose is the obsession with dividing ‘leadership’ from ‘management’.

Which is why we decided to create a framework to help Develop Leadership and Leadership Pipeline in organizations.

Our framework draws on past and looks to future for inspriation in four simple stages.

And since development never shops our framework works as Leadership DNA, where Discovery stage draws from Creation and Goal stage draws from Support








Of course, there is no shortage of available leadership models. And yet… global studies constantly report a lack of leadership skills and an ignorance of the human side of management. For example, Case Western Reserve University examined practices in nearly 100 countries and found more than 50% of people in management and leadership positions add no value; and of the rest, another 20-30% only add value in the opinion of a single person.

Imagine a simple framework for leadership development; easy to understand at first glance yet sophisticated enough to help you lead a team or organization through the most complex times. We are trying to achieve this via Versatile Leadership development framework.